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1935 Epiphone Electar Electrophone Lap Steel Guitar Very rare and beautiful Electar Electrophone by Epiphone model lap steel guitar with their version of a horseshoe pickup. This version was only made from late 1934 to early 1935 when Epiphone opted in to the lap steel market. We know of only 5 other examples of this guitar, one of which sits in the Epiphone Museum. Another is offered also offered for sale by us. Epiphone (and designer Ben Meissner) abandoned the horseshoe design after fighting with Rickenbacker over patent infringement. Epiphone never again made guitars with horseshoe pickups. We find these rare pickups to be favorites and the best type of pickup from this era. They have strong magnets & the winding is quite well done, combining to give exceptional output and tone. If you aren’t familiar with horseshoe pickups, I suggest studying up on them. There can be real advantages to having the magnetic field pulling more evenly on the strings and interacting (also with the winding) as these do. We try describing the sound difference as being dimensional, fuller, something three dimensional compared to two dimensional, though it’s hard to understand the analogy unless you hear it that way yourself. One should probably analyze side by side to form a best judgement, then try to convey what you hear in words and you’ll have an idea of what I mean. But, recognizing not many can do such comparisons, we give it our best. This version of lap steel guitar is the rarest of the first generation of Electars. In this case, Epiphone was influenced by more than just a pickup design from the Rickenbacher design. The teardrop body style and bakelite top also show possible Rickenbacher influence, but the rosewood fretboard, multi-colored position markers and padded back are distinctly Epiphone. One collector who specializes in vintage lap steels commented, This is one of the coolest things that I’ve seen. And we’ve had experience with more than 950 vintage lap steel guitars. The guitar is in excellent condition. It has all original parts & cleaned up quite well. It takes close examination in good lighting to see the few minor dings and scratches. The paint covers thoroughly & protects well. The bakelite top is in great shape. The tuners are in very good condition, (it stays in tune). The pots work well & function properly. The pickup is rich, warm and balanced. The pickups were refurbished, are very strong and have amazing tone. The case is not original, but is vintage. It has a new set of semi wound strings. • Late 1934 to early 1935 • Teardrop shaped body • Bakelite Body Top • Horseshoe Pickup • Volume and Tone Controls • Rosewood fretboard • Multi-colored fingerboard inlays • Bakelite carousel knobs It is appraised as a very desirable collectible player in a class of it’s own.


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