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1936 Epiphone Electar Lap Steel Guitar Direct from the estate of the original owner 1936 Epiphone Electar w/ Meissner horseshoe pickup. Excellent condition. One of my favorite lap steels. One of the few models I keep in my personal collection. In vintage lap steel guitars I generally find horseshoe pickups to be the best. And Meissner's have an edge over most Rickenbachers from the same era. Bigger stronger magnets. Higher output. Great overall signal translation. B.F. Meissner was a pioneer electronic engineer in the audio amplification field. He patented an electric piano in the early '30's. And developed electric instruments of many types. From harmonicas to tympani. He made horseshoe pickups that have been found on a few models of Epiphone, Vega & Oahu lap steel guitars from 1936. Then, Rickenbacher's lawyer threatened a lawsuit and we no longer saw these pickups being used. I've been interested in vintage lap steels for about 47 years now & have been fortunate to be able to familiarize myself with all known models of the horseshoe pups. My favorite vintage lap steels have been wooden bodied models with horseshoe pups. This particular instrument is beautifully executed. A polished aluminum top plate that extends (& reinforces) up the neck to the nut. One hell of a pickguard. This guitar shows little wear. The case is in good shape. I've seen new demo guitars that were in worse condition. This is classic museum quality.


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