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1937 Rickenbacher Silver Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitar also known as Model 100 with OHSC This is a very early model of the electric guitar. And a rare example of the first year of production of the Rickenbacher Silver Hawaiian Lap Steel. Unlike most Rick Lap Steels that followed, this one has a serial #, D270, on the headstock. (From ‘32 - ‘54, Rickenbacher serial numbers are not reliable.) This rare version has Pat. Pend. on the pickup. This vintage classic sports the much sought after 1 1/2" Horseshoe Magnet pickup. The output is strong and has excellent tonal range. The sustain is remarkable. This guitar can scream and growl or carry a clean hawaiian sound as well as the twang associated with country sound. Jerry Byrd played a sister guitar. And I’ve listened to Hawaiian, Rock and Blues players on other Ricks with the same electronics. This guitar can also really wail. If you want to know what this guitar can sound like, listen to Jackson Browne’s, Running on Empty album. This is the set-up that David Lindley used on that album. Not the same guitar, mind you, but a sister guitar that has similar electronics. These pickups are very hot; and understandably, in great demand. This model also has a chrome bridge and nut. There is some normal wear. The photos are high resolution & can be enlarged. Please refer to them. They should help to understand that this guitar is in such good condition. The original hard shell case is in decent condition. The exterior does show some wear but is generally quite sound. The latches are fine but the hinges need attention. Rickenbacher introduced the frying pan lap steel electric guitar in 1932. Rickenbacher started business as a metal stamping shop in 1925. George Beauchamp is generally credited with developing the pickup used to amplify stringed instruments. Rickenbacher worked with Beauchamp in developing the first electric guitars. They formed a formal partnership with others in 1935. National and Dobro was also involved in this initial partnership. National marketed their first electric guitars in 1935. We've tried all sorts of ways to get good photos of our shiny instruments. It's like taking a photo of a mirror. If they show a good reflection, they are in good shape. Indoor photos are also challenging. Flash just gives glare. Lighting has to be indirect. *In case anyone who sees this might be interested, we also have another ‘38 Silver. The several years of model 59's. As well as several various B6s for sale.


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