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1953 Gibson UltraTone (Century) Lap Steel Guitar 1950 UltraTone LapSteel specs: adjustable pickup poles. 1953 UltraTone LapSteel specs: straight body edge around knobs, flower on pickup cover, fingerboard back-painted blue, bass edge of fingerboard parallel to strings, some with "Century" at end of fingerboard, no peghead cover, curlicue peghead ornament, logo straight across peghead, dark blue finish. The Vintage Guitar Guide states these models “are regarded as fine utility instruments. The Ultratone and Century are among the most visually appealing of any Gibson instruments.” They are certainly one of my favorites. Many well regarded slide players favor these, both for studio and live performances. And for good reason, these are some the highest quality electric slide guitars ever made. The P-90 pickup has adjustable poles that are set for high signal transference. We prefer this pickup to later models. The adjustable poles were an option lacking in later models. If you know guitars, you are aware of this model’s popularity. If not, there are many web sites that have information on this model. Just try a good search engine. It can be fun to research vintage instruments. If you consult a Vintage Guitar price guide, you can verify that these average $1050 in top condition. OHSC is solid, interior plush, exterior duct-taped edge reinforcement. The treble side is sculpted. The body is Maple. This era used an anodized aluminum fretboard as opposed to the back painted lucite of other years. The tuners are new Klusons. But for the aging of the finish, this guitar is in near mint condition. It is a classy Collectors guitar. Please check the photos. Serial #3G4024 *Please see our other listings and store for many other Vintage Lap Steel Guitars and Amplifiers. We currently have over 60 vintage lap steel guitars & 40 amps. We specialize in Vintage gear, primarily slide guitars. * *Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.*


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