1955 Fender Studio Deluxe Lap Steel with Stainless Steel Legs, Guitar Vintners 1955 Fender Studio Deluxe Lap Steel with Stainless Steel Legs - Guitar Vintners
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This superb example is in xlnt condition. Untouched factory original except for upgrades in refinishing, new stainless steel legs & input jack. The legs far exceed original specs. They have thicker walls, an improved clutch system for adjustment & will never tarnish, pit or rust like the originals. This set-up has been gone through, tested & has no issues. It plays like new. This is a collector's dream, investment grade guitar. The Vintage Guitar Buyer's Guide lists a value of $1200 for very good condition. Their valuations are based on what on an average of recent selling prices. This guitar is in collector's condition. We have seen about a dozen of these in recent years and the condition of this example is better than brand new. The upgrades make this better than any other we have seen. These are highly treasured by collectors and those in the know. Strat style single pickup. Considered one of the best models. It was used as the model for several reproductions. Serial # 005503. (Each model of lap steel has it’s own number series.) This is all in excellent condition. Even the case is in great shape. For examples of the sound, you might listen to Steve Howe of YES or David Gilmour from Pink Floyd. I'd be happy to visit about which songs or anything else. Please feel free to contact us. Response to ?s: David Gilmour & Steve Howe played both this model & a Champ. You can verify this by searching for their names & guitars. This particular guitar was identified with the same pickup modeled in the '58 Strats. Considered among the best. Richer in high & low end than the others. 1958 6.20k .0028" Formvar 8350 TL/TG North Hand Most of this model sport a pup modeled after Tele's. This is an ideal lap steel for a player that likes the sound Gilmour or Howe achieve or otherwise desires the richness of a vintage Strat. But due to the (better than stock condition) refinish & stainless legs, not so much for a collector concerned more with it being all original.


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