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’50 – ’53 Rickenbacker DC-12 (Deluxe Model) Lap Steel Guitar Peghead Covers. Lucite Fretboards. All Metal Body (as opposed to the D12 & D16 with Bakelite necks). Post-war Horseshoe Pickups. We’ve found this era of pickups to have a more consistent quality than earlier versions. Advances in tech, materials, engineering, and equipment paired with experience may have something to do with that. In any event, this guitar has that exemplary Rickenbacker tone. No issues, it’s in great condition for a guitar around 65 years old. They only made this version in the early ‘50s. And by that bit of trivia, we can roughly date this guitar. Rickenbacker didn’t track serial numbers back then & we had no need to disassemble this baby to check for source codes. That said, if determining specific year of manufacture is of interest to anyone, just ask & we’ll check it out. The case is solid, but as shown in photos, has some of the cover material rubbed off. All in all, a great find.


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