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Airline Lap Steel Guitar Made by Supro/Valco – Circa 1962 Excellent Condition One of our favorite art-deco style models with a very hot pickup. Valco made with their classic string through pickup. They have that much sought after unique growl. Supro/Valco/National pickups are legendary among the realm of guitar pickups. String through design with separate coils for bass and treble utilizing AlNiCo magnets. Jason Lollar was impressed enough by their sound & design he recreated a modern version of them. See Lollar pickups web site under Supro pickups. (Valco/Supro/National are various evolutions/convolutions of the same company.) This pickup has such great qualities that some guitarists have swapped these for their regular solid bodied electric pickups. These p’ups put out a sound favored by many slide players. Ry Cooder, Peter Green, Jeff Healy, Jeff Lind, Rick Alexander, Jody Carver, Herb Remington, are some that come to mind. Ry Cooder used them in his Coodercasters. Peter Green reversed the polarity in some for some of his early FM recordings. The consensus seems to define the pickup quality as “dirty”. It does overdrive readily and creates remarkable sustain. But it also handles clean well if that’s how you dial it in. These are versatile fun instruments to play. Even the case is in great shape. Plays and Sounds Great. *Please see our other listings and store for many other Vintage Lap Steel Guitars and Amplifiers. We currently have Alamos, Audio Vox, Bronsons, Dickersons, Dobros, English, Epiphones, Fenders, Gibsons, Harmonys, Kays, Maestros, Magnatones, McKinney, Nationals, Oahus, Rickenbachers, Sho Bud, Silvertones, Supertones, Supros, Vegas, and White Lap Steels.* *We also accept Cashier's Checks, Personal checks (have to clear) and Bank Transfers. Please contact for information.*


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