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BRONSON MELODY KING MODEL 52 LAP STEEL GUITAR (c.1954) Made by Rickenbacker for Bronson Time capsule condition. Dappled brown bakelite body with 5 gold cavity covers on top, 2 dappled brown control knobs on audience side, metal swivel cover plate on headstock with metal badge on front, molded frets outlined in white, 2-1/4" nut width, 22-1/2" scale length, Gold Kluson Deluxe 3-on-a-Plate Tuners, super cool, - similar to Rickenbacker model BD, with OHSC (plush lining & original key) $2,450.00 Manufactured by Rickenbacker but only made from 1948 to the mid ‘50s. This vintage classic sports the post-war 1 1/4" Horseshoe Magnet pickup. The output is strong and has excellent tonal range. The sustain is remarkable. This guitar can scream and growl or carry a clean hawaiian sound as well as the twanginess associated with country sound. Jerry Byrd played a sister guitar. And I’ve listened to Hawaiian, rock and blues players on other Ricks with the same electronics. This guitar can really wail. If you want to know what this guitar can sound like, listen to Jackson Browne’s, Running on Empty album. This is the set-up that David Lindley used on that album. Not the same guitar, mind you, but a sister guitar that has similar electronics. These pickups are very hot; and understandably, in great demand. This guitar is in near mint condition. Please look at the photos. We’ve been through literally hundreds of lap steels and find this is a real prize. The sound of a vintage Rickenbacher is classic. This guitar is collectable and playable. Here at Guitar Vintners, where we’ve been through over 600 sliders, we found this outfit to be our favorite vintage setup. It was the top of the line in it’s day. And this one is in exemplary condition. Even the case is in great shape. The price is higher than what we’d normally value one of these, but the condition rules. We do not know of any guitar this age in such prime condition. This is from my personal collection. A real treasure. One of our favorites and pretty rare. Although we watch for these, we’ve only seen 3 of these in the last 5 years; one of them at Elderly Instruments, where you can check it out on their website. About me: I try to acquire, play, and sell only the finest most sought after instruments. I vastly prefer mint or near mint works of gear. I’ve been a collector for over 49 years. Over 650 vintage guitars have passed through my hands. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've had several of this model, but this is the cleanest I’ve seen other than when they were new. It's so pristine I considered keeping it without putting it up for sale.........but I have way more than enough gear as it is. Museum time capsule quality. Fantastic looks, Superb player.


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