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Dobro Squareneck 10 string Resonator Guitar – Circa 1973 A custom made model not often found, it came stock with Dobro’s standard 12 string tailpiece. It is relatively easy to set-up with 6 or any combo up to 10 strings by simply switching out the nut & bridge; or if the tuners were redone, it could be a 12 string. Historically, this ten string seems to fit being the first example off the line which is documented to have been built for Red Rhodes, a versatile LA based steel guitar session player. During his long career, Rhodes worked with The Monkeys, James Taylor, The Beach Boys, The Byrds, The Ventures, Linda Ronstadt, Tom Rush, Harry Nilssen, Mike Bloomfield, Carole King and many others including a number of solo albums. ( The inside edge of the soundwell is signed “John Paul Quarterman ‘73 for Red”. Quarterman worked at OMI/Dobro in the seventies and later formed a business making and selling excellent reproduction resonator cones. This instrument is in excellent condition with no issues. It comes with a hardshell case. If interested I can provide the current string gauge and tuning though there are lots of options for ten string tuning, which I’d also be happy to visit about. A quote from a Reso players forum by the very accomplished resonator guitarist Tom Schmidt: When I first received (my 10 string) reso, it came with C-6 tuning. Since I didn't play that tuning, I immediately went over to a E-9th chromatic tuning for a year or so. Since then I have experimented with many other tunings using all ten strings, but recently have a split tuning on it which is partially a dropped D tuning on one half of the neck and a G tuning on the other !! This thing is very versatile in my opinion. I purchased this monster to be my 'retirement' reso. Since I played pedal steel guitar for over 5 decades, I thought this would be an ideal way to continue to keep playing. Of course, with 10 strings, the tunings are endless. I found out this guitar can be also used as a 6-7-8 -9 or 10 string instrument depending on what tuning you use. By re-grooving or using different bridges and nuts to accommodate the different tunings, it made this reso a very versatile instrument. The neck is obviously wider that a standard 6 string neck, but I can space the strings evenly across the neck with any of those 6-7-8-9 or 10 string applications. Here’s a link to some interesting history involving the 10 string Dobros. *Please see our other listings and store for many other Vintage (Lap Steel) Guitars and Amplifiers. We currently have Alamos, Audio Vox, Bronsons, Dickersons, Dobros, English, Epiphones, Fenders, Gibsons, Harlin Bros, Harmonys, Kays, Maestros, Magnatones, McKinney, Nationals, Oahus, Rickenbachers, Sho Bud, Silvertones, Supertones, Supros, Vegas, and White Lap Steels as well as several others. We've been in the guitar business for over 50 years. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments* *We also accept Cashier's Checks, Bank Transfers & other forms of payment. We ship (worldwide) at cost. Please contact for information.*


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