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Handmade 10 String Pedal Steel Guitar The story behind this was given by the widow of the builder: It was built in the Fullerton, CA Fender factory by a worker for his personal use. Which is to say , he had access to the shop, tools & expertise of the folks he worked with. He used a True-tone pickup. Which is one of our favorite 10 string p'ups. My partner got this from the builder's wife after he passed. It is heavily constructed with quality materials. Pickup quotes from the Steel Guitar Forum: "Just wanted to say how happy I am with a new Jerry Wallace True Tone pick up I just installed on my Mullen. It gives me some great highs and made quite a difference in the sustain, especially at the 24th + fret. I doubt anyone would ever be disappointed in using them." "Just got my pickups back from Jerry today. Installed them and WOW!! My Sho~Bud had the old ciol taps.Jerry wound them to 11K (as were the originals) and 17.5K instead of the orig.23K. What a fine choice.The 11s' give me that vintage sound while the 17.5 gives me a more modern steel type sound.Really woke up my C6 neck." "Classic Single Coil tone with minor single coil hum, Mid-range is very growly, "Breathes" more freely (no compression to the sound) more so than George L's or Lawrence pickups" This guitar weighs just under 40 lbs. At this price point, we are offering this for less than we paid for it. This is due to it needing a bit of work to finish it. As shown in the photos the cavities for the wiring have been routed and that is where the builder left his project. But to be clear, it should be recognized that it is a project guitar needing pots and wiring to complete it.


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