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Harmos 8 string Lap Steel Guitar Lollar pickups: Stringmaster Bridge, P 90 Neck Positions Acacia Endboards, Silicone bronze bridge & nut A four-position knob on the end lets you pick any combination of pickups in series and parallel for a wide variety of tones. It has 4 gold colored rounded fender-style knobs. The bridge and nuts are silicone bronze, which is an exceptionally musical metal, and contributes to sustain and energy transfer to the carbon-lattice body that gives it a unique character...what I might describe as "coherent overtones." It has the Harmos Pro Keyless Tuners. Hawaiian Model Out of production with few made. Hard to find, but highly valued when one can be had. Being involved with vintage guitars as a business, I’ve had experience with almost 600 slide guitars. Harmos is one of the few I like to keep in my personal collection. Some reviews: I have a Harmos Lap Steel Model One with the Chicago pup & it is any thing but sterile. I also have two National Dynamics/1941 & 1951, a 40s Oahu Tonemaster, all of which I love to play, but the Harmos smokes them all. It has a great clean sound, & when you push it with an amp or something like a Tube Screamer, it really kicks a**. Check out Jerry Douglas' new CD, he plays a Harmos on it & even thanks Harmos on the liner notes. Joe Perry & Robert Randolph play them also. I'll admit, when I play it out, people make comments about the look of the Harmos, but "every" time, my friends & fellow players that hear me play over time, say that the Harmos is the best sounding lap that I have. (Lollar pup...truely a work of art) Google Harmos lap steel & check out the is an instrument that really works. Hey, JD can't be wrong!!! - Terry VunCannon……. The Harmos guitars are no beauty queens, that's for sure, but their lap steels - who're built over the same principles and using the same materials - have a very balanced tone with very rich harmonics and absolutely no dead spots anywhere in the register. Not many traditional lap steels you can say that about,- even my $3K Asher and my new GeorgeBoards has a few dead spots, especially above the 12th fret......Steinar Gregertsen As a Harmos player, I can say that they sound as cool as they look. They record crystal clear and sound equally at home in Rock, Hawaiian or Country. I just played mine with the New Boston Orchestra Project for a concert in Jordan Hall in Boston and it was well received on all levels (it turned a lot of traditional musicians heads and they all thought it sounded great) I got the Harmos people to build one for Joe Perry (Aerosmsith) and he used it on their last tour for their new blues CD. That alone should get a bunch of younger players thinking about playing Lap Steel…….Mike Idhe A big fringe benefit of attending the Sacred Steel Convention in Orlando last weekend was getting to play the prototype Harmos lap steels that Sage and James brought from Minnesota. I first became aware of the Harmos through a posting on No Peddlers several months ago, and was curious to hear what these strangely beautiful "space frame" instruments sounded like. It only took one strum to realize that the unorthodox design and materials were no mere gimmick. Quite simply, these were some of the finest lap steels I've had the pleasure to play. The Lollar pickups sound great, and the workmanship is beautiful throughout. The fact that players like Jerry Douglas and Robert Randolph have chosen Harmos is a pretty good advertisement all by itself, but I'd really encourage anyone in the market for a high-end lap steel to check these out……..Ian McLatchie


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