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Kayak & Canoe Batwing Sail Rig, by Balogh Sail Designs (BSD) with BOSS Outrigger Stabilizer System Removable & Portable Brand new 32 sq. ft. Expedition Model with Upgraded Outriggers Top of the line, Best of it's kind Enjoy the excitement of sailing without the escalating costs of owning a larger boat. This 32 sq. ft. Batwing Sail rig will move your kayak or canoe up to 6-8 mph in light-to-medium winds - much faster than paddling, and rivaling the speed of large sailboats! This professional Batwing Sail Rig sails both upwind and downwind, and includes the through-deck Mast-Mounting Fittings to easily mount the sail's mast to your kayak/canoe. The BSD Batwing Sail Rig is very easy to use, and assemble. Just plug the portable three piece mast into the included deck fitting, slide the sail onto the mast, secure rigging and away you go! During your outing, convert from paddling to sailing and back at any time, on the water or on the beach, just by lowering the sail. Or, paddle with the sail in place for even more speed. The sail rides over your head and completely out of the way of your paddling ! And when you're done for the day, just slide the sail off the mast, unplug the sail from the deck fitting, and it all rolls together to store in your cockpit. The BSD Batwing Sail Rig is built to give the paddler Maximum Visibility and Maximum Performance. The only drawback to owning this fast Batwing Sail Rig is that if you paddle with friends who don't have one ... you'll have to wait for them to catch up. This model fits all Folding Kayaks as well as Fiberglass and Kevlar Kayaks and Canoes. Technical Specifications: - Sail size: 32 square feet - Color: Yellow with Red Trim - Sail Material: High-Strength Silicon-impregnated Nylon Sailcloth - Mast Length: 12 feet - Take-Apart Mast with Three connecting mast pieces approx. 4ft each - Mast Material: Marine Grade Anodized Aluminum Included in this Package: - Deluxe Batwing 32 sq. ft. Expedition Sail with all rigging lines and stainless steel sailing hardware. - 3pc 12-ft Marine-Aluminum Mast - Includes the Mast-Mounting Fittings to mount the sail's mast to your kayak/canoe. - BOSS Outrigger system with EXTREME Ama upgrade - Note: Kayak/Canoe not included We have used & compared the sail rigs offered by kayak manufacturers as well as several homemade rigs. This setup outshines them all. Quality, Ease of use, Safety, Best design. This tops all others in every category. The best Kayak-Canoe Sail rig that money can buy. Brand new, only set up once for a review. Available at a reduced price. Check the Balogh Sail Design, BSD, website for more detail. Or contact us for any questions.


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