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Marxochime Colony Violin-Uke The purpose of the ukelin and its many derivative types was to combine into one compact instrument attributes of both the bowed violin and the plucked Hawaiian ukulele. Following numerically-coded music prepared specifically for these instruments the 16 melody strings were to be played with a short violin-like bow held in the right hand while the 4 groups of 4-string bass accompaniment chords were strummed by the left hand. The salesmen would begin (much like vacuum demonstrations) by playing one or more tunes on the instrument (one hymn, one patriotic song and part of an old favorite). The salesmen claimed you could learn to play the instrument in a day and it was perfect for the beginner (like an autoharp). The instruments were usually offered for half the price listed inside, the rural folk being told that they should buy now, as the listed price is half what they would go for in the music stores. Of course, I know of no record that they were ever offered in music stores. For a brief period however, Marx instruments were listed in the Sears Roebuck catalog. For more information, please contact us.


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