National New Yorker Lap Steel Guitar National New Yorker, circa 1950 This lap steel guitar was part of a set in a museum show 2008-09. The amplifier of this set is offered in a separate listing. Tuners have the cool cover with the embossed National shield emblem on each strip. As with most vintage Valco-made instruments, this uses a screw-on Amphenol connector instead of a 1/4" jack. The original cord is included. Time capsule condition. Lap Steel: V28740 = 1950 National New Yorker Lap Steel Guitar - Guitar Vintners
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National New Yorker Lap Steel Guitar Art Deco. National New Yorker, circa 1951 The 1949-1954 Models of New Yorker are my favorites. They have what I consider their best vintage pickup. A sought after fat wide Vista-Tone with, (of course), fat wide sound. It's a p'up that many have swapped into their custom rigs. They also have a cool style and feel. Colorful, tasteful with great features. Tuners have the cool cover with the embossed National shield emblem on each strip. As with many vintage Valco-made instruments of that era, this came with a screw-on Amphenol connector. We provide an adapter to a standard 1/4" jack. This guitar came in exceptional original condition. Like it's fresh out of a time capsule. Rare to find in such exemplary condition. It's been thoroughly tested & has good electronics, plays and sounds great. Ready to entertain several more generations. The case is also in good solid condition. Vista-tones appear to be a humbucking pickup, but it’s an external impression created by the wide case/housing which is part of the design's function — it’s a single-coil dressed as a dual-coil. The Vista-Tone’s internal configuration has magnets to one side of a single coil, separated from it by a steel “keeper.” Its six pole pieces are height-adjustable screws. According to inventor Ralph Keller’s patent, “An object of this invention is to provide a pickup device which establishes a magnetic field extending for a substantial distance along each string, with the magnetic lines of force lying substantially parallel to the strings for the major portion of said distance.” The wide magnetic field spans the width of the housing, interacting with approximately two inches of the strings’ length. - Calvet describes the tone as a cross between a Strat and a P-90, though he says it breaks up differently when pushed: “There’s more fuzz around the edges, though they sound good clean too.” *Please see our other listings and store for many other Vintage (Lap Steel) Guitars and Amplifiers. We currently have Alamos, Audio Vox, Bronsons, Dickersons, Dobros, English, Epiphones, Fenders, Gibsons, Harlin Bros, Harmonys, Kays, Maestros, Magnatones, McKinney, Nationals, Oahus, Rickenbachers, Sho Bud, Silvertones, Supertones, Supros, Vegas, and White Lap Steels as well as several others. We've been in the guitar business for over 50 years. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments* *We also accept Cashier's Checks, Personal checks (have to clear) and Bank Transfers. Please contact for information.*


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