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Oahu Branded Valco/Supro amplifier Collector’s Dream Supro Spectator or Valco 510-11 model 6SL7, 6V6, 5Y3 Tube Combo 8” Rola Speaker Such a sought after design, many builders adopt this design into clones. Vintage 47 makes one they sell for $698. Here’s what Indigo Labs says of their clone: “All of my Octal Tube Amps are designed to give the earliest kind of Sun Recording Studio sound. Musical Amplifiers using the larger 8 pin (Octal) are all I have ever built. When I make this design Amplifier, I want you to realize that the 6SL7 sound combined with the 6V6 tube gives the discriminating musician a whole set of new lower octaves to destroy. The "All Octal" sound is not only achieved, but plus, with the typical extra time on the bench to pull out all of the special tones (i.e. odd/even Harmonics, Fuzz, Distortion, Sustain) as they present themselves, which they will & do. Since ebay rejects posting links; if you want to hear it, you'll have to search you tube for "maicodoug" and look for the videos titled "Don Jones 3 Tube Indigo Labs Texas Amp" or search for Supro Spectator where there are lots of results. This amp has the characteristic National/Valco tone, good volume and very sweet class A overdrive. Nice thick dark tone that goes into a higher frequency harmonic when cranked up. Note definition is excellent with chords, single notes and riffs. Treble and bass response was improved with this Rola supplied version. Chords and riffs sound excellent in this amp. The volume stays tame even up to the 12 o'clock position on the volume knob. Turn it up to 2 o'clock and it'll start to get quite loud (for it‘s size). And cranked further it really starts to come on strong. At full the overdrive & sustain is remarkable! If you can master touch-sensitive playing with some dynamics, you'll get the most out of these little amps, as well as with most of the Lap Steel era amps. There are a lot of different and great tones to be had from this type of amp. This amp has stock tubes. But, you can hear the difference that different brands of 6V6 and 6SL7's bring to the table. You can also install a 5V4 rectifier tube in to increase the B+ voltage, which will increase the volume and headroom. But, many of these old Valco's had the B+ taken off of pin 2 of the 5Y3. So to get the most benefit from subbing in a 5V4 you should have a tech wire the rectifier tube socket so that the B+ comes off of pin 8. Stock. As is, with the amp & tubes gone through & tested. It is the top design of it’s day. It out-classes most amps. It is a favorite.


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