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Authentic Dopera’s Original Dobro Handmade by Emil "Ed" Dopyera in 1971 Unique National Triolian Body with Dopyera's Custom Cone Metal Body Resonator Roundneck Guitar w/ Original Case Not your standard factory made Dobro, which is great in it’s own right. This was Handmade by the owner of Dobro Guitars, Ed Dopyera, in El Monte, California, with their re-organized company - Dopera’s Original. This is a unique offering of historical and musical significance. The first one we’ve seen surface in over 30 years. Just finding a Roundneck Dopera’s Original Guitar of this vintage is rare enough. And of course, this one is also much more desired as it was Handmade by the Master. And during a tulmultuous period for Dobro scarred by legal wranglings. A time when it was difficult for them to produce many instruments due to having to spend time on legal issues. But, Ed could not be stopped or be idle. Dobro was a love of his life and the rare guitars he put his hand to during this time are labors of love. It shows in the flawless execution of this guitar. This is a gem of a guitar. The craftsmanship is superb. It plays like a dream. The tonal quality is unmistakable. Made from chromed bell brass, a metal bodied Dobro Resonator has a distinctive sound. But, this one is even more unique. It was made from a pre-war National Triolian die. It not only captures the audience attention by it’s sound, it is also an eye-catcher. The etched design is classic and well executed. The resonator system utilizes a biscuit bridge. It has a volcano shaped cone, as is commonly associated with a National resonator. But, this custom cone is larger than a typical National. A major difference between this modern Dopyera resonator cone is a 10 1/2" diameter as opposed to the 9 1/2" typically associated with Nationals. Also, this cone has 12 ridges radiating out from the bridge like spokes. They are stamped into the cone. The ridges add strength and stiffness to the cone enabling fine tuning of it's characteristics. Some of the early National cones deformed under higher string tensions. My take on the sound is; this larger cone produces greater volume and projection than the 9 1/2" cones. The attack & clarity are enhanced by the ridges in the cone. This guitar has it's own sound, combining the best aspects of Nationals and Dobros. It is transcendently reverberant with surprisingly remarkable warmth. The cone shape resembles the cone patented in 1931 by George Beauchamp, which was the subject of a patent infringement dispute. (A little more history here:) Beauchamp & Dopyeras initially partnered National Musical Instruments. In 1928, John Dopyera left the company and signed over all patents in disgust. Despite Beauchamp's later claims, Beauchamp did not invent the resonator. John Dopyera already had evidence of patents for banjos in 1923 and 1925 for passively amplifying the sound of stringed instruments. In April 1927, John filed a design for a patent for a tricone resophonic guitar. The Dopyera brothers started making tricone instruments by hand under the National name. Disgusted with some of his partners, but not stupid, the Dopyera brothers had already been working on a patent with a single cone. The patent was filed under John's brother Rudy's name in 1929. This guitar became known as the Dobro. They named it Dobro, short for Dopyera Brothers, it also means "good" in Slavic. The Dobro was just as successful as the National Resonator guitar and much more economical to produce than the National Tricone. Beauchamp had to answer the challenge by making a National single cone resonator based on the Dopyera's patent. His unethical behavior led to a patent infringement dispute with Dobro and, ultimately, his dismissal. Beauchamp later went on to develop one of the first electric guitars with Adolph Rickenbacher. Combined with the National Triolian body, the sound is distinctive to this guitar out of all other Dobros. The best of both worlds. It was made in 1971. Serial # 078. It is in excellent condition, near mint. The original case is plush and in very good condition. An internet search can help verify the rarity and value of this guitar. This guitar has just sat in it’s case as part of a collection for several years. I just got it out in preparation for listing it and was taken with how great it plays. Although this handmade Dobro is much more rare & better sounding, here's a link for a comparison: (This is relisted. We were experiencing problems with the link. EBay tech support suggested we end the listing, revise the link & relist. If the link does not work for you, simply enter the Item # 120369592639 into the eBay search window. We hope this works for you and apologize for any inconvenience.) So, enough said. Here’s hoping you enjoy this rare and exceptional offering!


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