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Dobro Model 60 Cyclops - Circa 1931 Unique rare model with 1/2” wooden top (A light wood which we saw clearly when we removed the cone to inspect. Maple? Spruce?) from '30 – '31. George Gruhn confirmed the Cyclops model with a 1/2” top is a model 60. We put our heads together when I questioned the specifics because some of the other components and characteristics seemed to better fit with lower numbered models. Specifically the lack of binding and sandblasted design we tend to relate to models in the 60's category. However, since model numbers of this era typically correspond to retail price, it lent credence to the 1/2” top Dobro being a model 60. Comparing to other models of Cyclops, this particular guitar has heavier solid woods throughout with the craftsmanship being of a higher caliber that matches the higher quality woods. This guitar was far more time-consuming to make than any of the lesser numbered series. It makes sense it would therefore be priced higher. Which adds to the sense of it being in the model 60 category. Square slotted peghead '29 - '37 Pat. Pend. Coverplate, clock arrangement screw pattern. From '29 - '31 Cone replaced 2002 with Quarterman QD3 cone Original Short Spider 8 11/16” diameter '31 - '37 Very Thick solid wood soundhole with parallelogram-shaped holes. '30 – '37 Dobro model numbers and specs from this era are known to be inconsistent. Some numbers were used for several different models, and some models had several different model numbers. Components are generally considered more reliable for determining year of manufacture. In considering the dating of this guitar, the overlap of dates for the coverplate, spider, and 1/2” thick top were used to narrow the date of manufacture. Below is ad accompanying guitar when I found it. It is not entirely accurate. This is an original 1936 Dobro, Cyclops model, serial number 8909, in very good condition.  This Dobro features a 1/2-inch thick top, which we understand, was only done for about a year.  It delivers a unique 'woody' tone.  This instrument features a single screen hole 2 ¼ inches in outside diameter, and a round neck construction with the fingerboard meeting the body at the 12th fret.   The fingerboard width at the stringnut is 1 11/16 inches.   The body width is 14” at the lower bout.  (The body width is 14 1/4” at the lower bout.) There are no cracks in the body or neck or any headstock repairs, and the original finish just shows some normal playing wear, primarily various scratches, nicks and dings, and some light finish checking.   We assume the tuners are original, and the original Dobro decal is slightly marred, as seen in the close-up.   “2 D” is in small characters stamped on the end of the headstock to the right of the serial number.  We do not know if the cone is original, but it looks fairly new in appearance when we look through the cover-plate holes. The endpin strap button has a ¼-inch jack input. (Cone replaced 2002 with Quarterman QD3 cone. The spider bridge is an original short (lug) model.) (There is no pickup, just a 1/4” input jack that doubles as an endpin strap button. The wire is taped to the cone.) This vintage instrument is in very good condition. As good as the best of the survivors we've seen. It really sounds great with more of the Dobro sound than the other resonators we've seen from that era. (Which number around 80). The sound was of prime importance to a prior owner. They paid particular attention to sound quality by upgrading the cone. The neck is slightly bowed so the guitar is best set up as is for slide playing. (Neck is set with a high nut for slide playing. No sign of reset.) It comes in a modern chipboard case. "If you know Blues, you know the Dobro sound.  Easily one of the most unique guitars from the Depression Era instruments, the 'Cyclops' is one of the most rare.  Great for playing slide night after night in smokey blues halls, or just strumming while drifting down the mighty Mississippi."  Includes 2011 Vintage Guitars 11th edition calendar  published by Wyman, showing another 'Cyclops' pictured as 'Miss October', as seen pictured in the listing.  *Please see our other listings and store for many other Vintage (Lap Steel) Guitars and Amplifiers. We've been in this business for over 50 years & currently have Alamos, Audio Vox, Bronsons, Dickersons, Dobros, English, Epiphones, Fenders, Gibsons, Harlin Bros, Harmonys, Kays, Maestros, Magnatones, McKinney, Nationals, Oahus, Rickenbachers, Sho Bud, Silvertones, Supertones, Supros, Vegas, and White Lap Steels as well as several others. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments* *We also accept Cashier's Checks, Bank Transfers & other forms of payment. We ship (worldwide) at cost. Please contact for information.*


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