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Supro Jet Airliner – 1964 - Lap Steel Guitar Consolette with Legs Excellent Condition We don’t see many of this model. Art-deco design with a very hot pickup. String through design with separate coils for bass and treble utilizing AlNiCo magnets. It is such a winning design that Lollar Pickups emulated the design for one of their fantastic re-creations. This pickup has such great qualities that some guitarists have swapped these for their regular solid bodied electric pickups. I recall Peter Green, Ry Cooder and Jeff Lind being among some of the fans of this set-up. Ry Cooder used them in his Coodercasters. Peter Green reversed the polarity in some for some of his early FM recordings. The consensus seems to define the pickup quality as “dirty”. It does overdrive readily and creates remarkable sustain. But it also handles clean if that’s how you dial it in. Similar to Airline Rockets with a different body design. These are versatile fun instruments to play. Sling a guitar and play 2 different guitars in one song like Steve Howe or David Gilmour or while sitting comfortably. The only issue is a missing logo on the bridge cover & headstock plate. Even the case is in great shape. Plays and Sounds Great.


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